Mixpanel: Custom, Event-Driven Analytics

What’s a page view matter to your business? Do you know? Are you sure? I know that sometimes we get a ton of traffic and it doesn’t matter, and other times we get a few great visits that lead to great business relationships. The marketing theory is that more is better so we all follow the lead. But do we have to?

We’ve written about actionable analytics before – like Pirate Metrics for subscription-based businesses. This new generation of analytics applications doesn’t work with the same metrics we’ve been working with for the last 2 decades. They work on the activity the visitor takes as they navigate your site.

Mixpanel is an event-driven analytics platform built to be customized to any online site, web-based platform or mobile application.

Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform for mobile & web. Instead of measuring pageviews, it helps you analyze the actions people take in your application. An action can be anything – someone uploading a picture, playing a video, or sharing a post, for example.

The Mixpanel platform allows you to track events, associate properties with those events, and associate profile data with people. This is where the real magic happens! With the visitor profile set, you can filter the content to targets the user, send an email, schedule an email, send a text message, and/or initiate a mobile push notification.


And, of course, the ultimate event is a purchase so Mixpanel captures the conversion as well.

Imagine a scenario where the user enters the site, watches a video, registers for a download, the download is emailed to the user… all captured and initiated by the analytics platform with minimal effort. Mixpanel directly supports tracking client libraries for JavaScript, iOS, Android, Actionscript 3, Server-side Java, PHP, Python
and Ruby.

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