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Mobile Action currently helps over 70,000 apps acquire users with a selection of user acquisition tools, analysis, and newly released predictive analysis.

The company has built a Big Data engine that provides app developers with a visibility score that factors in over 8 billion data points, including category, location, season, market, competitors, organic/paid growth, and more. Based on this extensive analysis, Mobile Action makes actionable recommendations for how developers can amplify their apps’ visibility.

Mobile Action Dashboard

Its product can (and has) helped developers more than double their organic downloads in 30 days, as well as hit the Top 10 charts. The tool also makes smart predictions for optimizing App Store performanceby providing developers with research on the best time to run campaigns, what is going on with their competitors, and the best time to update.

The engine provides insights into what is missing from user acquisition strategies, best practices, what channels or tools should be utilized, and the most effective way to allocate a budget. It also lets developers know the impact that their actions will have. For example, optimizing for X keyword will reduce the average cost per install by 20%. Every single recommendation is unique for each app.

App discovery is so broken and this is a major problem in the market, because companies do not know how to get their apps seen. Mobile Action is doing what ComScore did, but specifically for apps, and it is having a dramatic impact on their success. No-one in the market is doing what we are doing. Mobile Action founder Aykut Karaalioglu

Mobile Action provides comprehensive App Store analytics and optimization technology. Its solutions include App Store Optimization, Recommend Actions, Competitor Insight Analysis, and Review Analysis. In addition to tracking and insights, Mobile Action uses predictive technology to provide recommended actions for how to get your app to the top.  

Disclaimer: I'm utilizing an invite code in this post. If you folks sign up, I also get some free months of use on the application.

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