The Rise of Mobile Advertising

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Over 1 million iOS and Android devices activated everyday! There’s a reason why we spend so much time focused on Mobile Marketing. It’s not the sheer numbers, either. Behavior of consumers and businesses are changing – we read our email on mobile devices now. We research companies while we’re waiting for the next flight. We participate in social media and geolocation services more each day thanks to mobile.

As with every change in technology… we watch as adoption is followed by marketing. Microsoft Tag has put together this infographic on the rise and fall of advertising – guess where the growth is? Early adopters make large gains in snagging market share, those that don’t adopt fall behind… many failing altogether.

Note: Our Zoomerang poll this week touches on this… is your site even optimized for mobile devices?

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    Mobile and native advertising are gaining increased popularity. With more social media users checking their accounts via mobile devices than on their computers, in-stream mobile ads are quickly becoming advertisers’ chosen method for getting their message front and center. This infographic provides an in-depth look at the rise of mobile and native advertising and offers predictions for the future.

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