How To Create A Marketing Strategy To Maximize Your Mobile App Adoption?

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Are you looking into releasing the greatest app of all time to the world? Okay, we believe you, but first look into these tips on how you can position it so that it can get successful. A cool app isn’t the only thing that gets you success, but also a good marketing strategy and good reviews. Keep on reading to find out how you can have the next Candy Crush of this generation:

  1. Be in your user’s shoes in the beginning

You’re not only creating an app for yourself because you found an appeal to this market of business. No. You’re creating a mobile application for end users. So, start thinking like them. Figure out who your targeted audience is, and find out about their hobbies, about their visual likings (colors and design), what they read, what music they like. Everything you can. This will get you closer to the end user because you will resonate with what they like. Even introducing the right music for them will have a huge impact in their decision to download it, and most importantly, to not delete it.

After all, customers are interested in hundreds of apps, but they tend to delete them a few days later because something wasn’t right with them, or they just got bored. So, the real struggle in app development is making the user get attached to the app and not feel compelled to delete it.

After you’ve found your targeted user, include him/her as a subject in usability testing and let him/her help you create the perfect app that they would like on their phone. Trust me; it will make all the difference.

  1. The landing page has to be perfection

The landing page is the second thing the user sees, and it has to be extremely helpful, to answer all of him/her questions. You need to have a few screenshots, information about what the app does and what are its best features. The reviews also have to be glowing, so that the user isn’t disappointed and gives the app a shot.

  1. If reviews are bad, listen to the users

You might get some bad reviews, and if all of them are regarding the same issue, this means the next update has to fix that issue, or the user might let go of your app. A misunderstood thing in app development is that most people think the app is done when it is launched. However, this is a wrong perception, the app is never done, you always need to update it to fit the user’s newly met standards.

  1. Keywords are essential

App store optimization is very similar to search engine optimization (SEO), it has the same concepts: some words are more searched than others. Simple words are most looked for. You need to look for trends, but there are a lot of programs that will help you figure out what are the right keywords for you.

  1. Create a marketing strategy and stick with it

Using marketing strategies is the only way companies survive on any market, even if they know it or not. Marketing is a large domain that will help you either if you want to sell fruit in a square or deliver an app to the right people. So, gather up with your marketing department or a marketing agency if you don’t have this type of department in your company, and find out what is the right path of positioning your app to the end users. In the mobile universe, things move very fast; apps are already in the thousands, and it seems there is no way of making your targeted audience see the app you have for them.

But, using untraditional marketing strategies, also called guerilla marketing, can position you in the eye of the end user. Use only online marketing if you’re not a location-based application, like websites, videos, testimonials, and so on. Ambassadors, like celebrities or experts, will help your app tons in making your app recognizable. People listen to celebrities because they recognize the person and trust them.

The marketing strategy is the ‘pretty package’ of your app that the customer will first see. Make sure it’s a good one.


Creating an app and making it successful is a hard process, but it will give you satisfaction for sure. Don’t forget to use a strong marketing strategy that will position you in just the right place for your targeted customer. Search for the right keywords to name your app, and make your landing page the perfect reflection of what your app does.


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    Mr. Rajput’s article is very enlightening, and I really enjoy his points about the balance that is necessary between creating a strong, user-friendly app that is appealing; and creating a successful business using that same front.

    Many people think that marketing strategies are identical for both app-based companies and strictly online businesses, but there are distinct differences that require noting when creating an app in hopes of business success; keyword optimization is even more of a priority, for instance, and the amount of space used/time consumers spend on the app is generally less than a website, so getting the point across quickly is a must!

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    Application advancement and selection can be a by-the-numbers practice in the event that you’re not careful. Ideally, put aside some extra an ideal opportunity to place assets into these methodologies that will cause your portable application to rise out of the serious competitive app market, stimulate customers and help improve selection.

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