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How to Add Mobile App Banners to Your Site

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If your site or business has a mobile application, are you promoting its use on your site? The easiest means of doing this is to add a mobile app banner to your site for mobile visitors. Apple launched smart app banners and it’s a great tool to increase downloads. When a mobile user visits the site using Safari on iOS, up pops up a banner that a mobile app is available.

Apple Smart App Banner

If you’d like to search for and create your own meta tag, you can use iTunes Link Maker

Launch iTunes Link Maker

Interestingly, Google Android and Microsoft have not released a similar solution for their native browsers. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do it, though. There’s a jQuery script that you can add to your site that will not only set the iTunes Smart Banner, it will also create a banner for Google Android or Microsoft users to download the appropriate application if you’ve got those as well.

If your site is built on WordPress, the folks at E-Moxie have written a nice little App Banners WordPress plugin for you to fill in all your details and even add some settings for how it appears and how often using cookies.



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