How Retailers Can Maximize Mobile Christmas Campaigns to Boost Revenue

5 mobile christmas marketing tips

This Christmas season, marketers and businesses can boost revenue in a big way: through mobile marketing. At this very moment, there are 1.75 billion smartphone owners worldwide and 173 million in the US, accounting for a whopping 72% of the mobile phone market in North America.

Online shopping on mobile devices has recently overtaken desktop for the first time and 52% of website visits are now made via mobile phone. Yet, consumer dwell time on marketing initiatives such as email can be as little as three seconds. Understanding the mobile user experience is absolutely vital for retailers to maximise marketing efforts and boost sales during the holiday season.

By placing mobile at the center of the omni-channel strategy, retailers and brands will enable a new level of interaction, engagement, conversation, and loyalty. And revenue. FitForCommerce

SmartFocus is offering some insight in its Mobile Marketing Tips for marketers and businesses. Here's a sneak peek at 5 of the company’s mobile marketing tips.

  1. Optimize for Mobile – 30% of mobile shoppers abandon a transaction of their user experience isn’t optimized for their mobile device. Make sure your emails look stunning across all platforms.
  2. Take into Account the Time, Location, and Proximity of Your Customers – Understand when, where, and how close your mobile customers are when they’re searching. You’d be surprised how many customers you can pull in just based on marketing to customers based on these simple factors, allowing you to make the best use of your campaigns and ultimately increase sales.
  3. Prevent Showrooming and Facilitate Webrooming – Showrooming is less than ideal when it comes to retail sales during the holidays. Webrooming (also known as reverse showrooming), on the other hand is what happens when consumers research products online before going into the store to make those purchases. According to Forrester Research, webrooming will result in $1.8 trillion in sales by 2017, while ecommerce sales should reach $370 billion in the same year; webrooming is where retail’s future winners will dominate. It’s important to create incentives for customers to come into your store and actually buy your products instead of sourcing them online for the lowest price on the web.
  4. Make Mobile Searching Easy – 57% of mobile customers will abandon your site if they have to wait three seconds for a page to load. In fact, every 100 millisecond increase in load time decreases sales by 1%. Make sure your pages load quickly and are optimized for mobile access.
  5. Implement Beacon Technologyproximity marketing plays an important new role in bridging online and offline marketing through predictive recommendation technology that personalizes marketing messages to individual users based on their location, virtual and physical shopping behavior, and the context of their potential purchasing decisions. SmartFocus is a leader in beacon technology and uses it to offer deeply contextualized insights to its customers.

For the full insight, be sure to visit SmartFocus' Mobile Marketing Tips for marketers and businesses.

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