Portrait of a Mobile Consumer

portrait mobile consumer

Mobile technology is changing everything. Consumers can shop, get directions, browse the web, interact with friends through a wide variety of media forms, and document their lives with a single device small enough to fit in their pockets. By 2018, an estimated 8.2 billion active mobile devices will be in use. That same year, mobile commerce is expected to top $600 billion in annual sales. Clearly, the business world is being revolutionized by this latest wave of technology; and companies that fail to embrace the new mobile marketplace will soon be left behind.

Each year as consumers become more intimately connected to and reliant upon their smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the world consumes an ever-greater diet of mobile technology. This accelerating trend presents tremendous opportunities for marketers, market researchers, and businesses. With each consumer linked to a global network and in constant contact with their mobile screens, businesses can now reach out to their customers on an increasingly personal level, and in increasingly subtle ways.

To do so, however, requires a deep understanding of the way people interact with modern media. Acquiring this vital understanding requires research. So to increase your mobile literacy and get the facts about the technology driving the business world today, Vouchercloud has pulled together the headline facts and figures about how mobile consumerism is shaping up. It just might change the way you do business.


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