Mobile Experience and Its Impact on Trends

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Smartphone ownership isn’t just on the rise, for many individuals it’s their entire means of connecting to the Internet. That connectivity is an opportunity for e-commerce sites and retail outlets, but only if your visitor’s mobile experience is superior to your competitors.

Around the world, more and more people are making the jump to smartphone ownership. Learn how this move towards mobile is affecting the future of e-commerce and the retail industry as a whole. DirectBuy, Moving Toward Mobile

How the Experience Impacts Mobile Commerce

  • Without mobile optimization, users are five times more likely to leave your site.
  • 79% of those who abandon your site will search for a better site to complete their purchase.
  • 48% of users are annoyed at a site that is not mobile optimized and 52% are less likely to do business with your company.

Mobile Ecommerce Trends


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    This is worth considering. Trends nowadays are dictated by the consumers not the other way around. Thus, sellers should also focus on finding the trends and taking advantage over it.

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    Having a mobile-ready site is only going to become more and more important, not only because the shift from desktop to mobile browsing will continue, but because your competition will be constantly working to be more and more optimized for mobile. To be clear, being optimized means much more than just having a responsive site – but don’t get me wrong, having a responsive site is definitely a great start! You’d be surprised how many still don’t even have that!

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