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mobile email design

All Internet trends point to enormous growth in how many emails are read on mobile devices. Some stats have shown that 40% of all corporate emails are read on a mobile device. In the last 6 months, reading email on a mobile device is up 150%! Viewing emails on a small screen has it's difficulties and advantages. Some devices support HTML, some load images by default, some have preview text available prior to opening an email, some will auto-scale the width of the email, and most will scale fonts so that they're readable.

Litmus has provided this very informative infographic on how to optimize your email design for a mobile device. The infographic outlines crucial elements in creating functional designs and the pitfalls that affect performance. As we near the holiday season, it's an important consideration when retailers send out emails… many subscribers will be reading them as they shop! Will they be able to read yours?

mobile email design infographic


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