Mobile First when Connecting to Customers

mobile connect infographic

Yesterday we shared a detailed article on mobile checkout for credit card processing, how it works and the fees associated. This August, the CONNECT 2014 Mobile Innovation Summit will be held for retailers and restaurants to see the incredible advancements in technologies that are happening in the mobile space.

Isis and the summit have released this infographic, showing the data that most Americans now own a smartphone, with a higher-than-average chunk of them in the critical 18-to-29 demographic. They are using them to shop (retail revenue via smartphones rose 113 percent in 2013, while tablet revenue grew 86 percent) and eat out (83 percent use their smartphone to choose a restaurant while traveling.)

Aside from the internal mobile activity of patrons and customers, this shift to mobile means that every retail and restaurant should be developing web applications, mobile applications, optimizing for mobile search, and ensuring their patrons connect socially and share reviews. Here’s why…


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