Why Your Business Should be Mobile-Ready for the Holidays

holiday mobile shoppers

With Small Business Saturday and Black Friday coming up, this infographic seeks to explain why it's so important to get your business mobile-ready for the holidays. Here are Six Reasons to Get Your Business Mobile-Ready for the Holidays from Tamara Weintraub, Content Marketing Manager, ReachLocal.

  1. Consumers Rely on Mobile
  2. They Look for Local Information
  3. They Use Mobile Search
  4. They Want Holiday Deals
  5. They Shop on Multiple Devices.
  6. They Read Email on Mobile

Mobile Marketing is incredibly valuable and necessary for any small business today. 65% of US consumers own a smartphone and 35% own a tablet. So, what are you waiting for? Tamara identifies the top reasons why your small business should be mobile-ready for the holidays to ensure sales are maximized.


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