If You Needed Any More Evidence of the Mobile Impact on Business

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We went through a stage in technology where websites were seen as a great gateway between the customer and the business. User forums, FAQs, help desks and email were used in placement of expensive call centers and the associated time that they took to solve customer issues.

But consumers and businesses alike are rejecting companies that simply don’t pick up the phone. And our mobile web, mobile app and mobile phone world now require that someone answers at the other end of their phone. Even if leads and customers are not contacting you primarily via phone – the fact that they can plays a role in the trust of the relationship – impacting the purchase decision.

IfByPhone created an infographic demonstrating the role smartphones have played in transforming retail. They highlight three stats that matter for all marketers — not just those with a stake in retail — for you to consider when you’re thinking about mobile marketing.

  1. 30 billion inbound sales calls were made from mobile search in the US in 2013 and 73 billion are expected in 2018.
  2. 70% of mobile searchers have clicked the Call button in search results according to Google.
  3. 61% of customers believe it’s important that businesses give them a phone number to call and 33% said they’d be less likely to use and refer brands that didn’t.

IfByPhone provides a voice-based marketing automation system that allows companies to connect, measure and optimize sales and service calls.


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