Mobile Industry Heating Up

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The mobile industry is really heating up – and mobile marketing is sure to follow. Perhaps the best improvements have been the ability to run third party apps.

Mobile marketing revenues are expected to increase to over $24 billion worldwide in 2013, galvanized by flat-rate data plans and advertising-supported mobile search, video and gaming content services according to a new forecast issued by market analysis firm ABI Research. Source: Fierce Wireless from ABI Research.

Led by Apple’s iPhone with over 1 billion app downloads in 9 months, Blackberry, Verizon, Microsoft and Android are sure to follow. High resolutions, great usability and full keyboard controls on new phones are opening up the industry, along with the processing speed and memory. Even old players on the market are being reborn… check out the Nokia N97. (Love the viral ad with LL Cool J, too)

If you don’t see the video, click through to the post, Mobile Industry Heating Up. I don’t keep up with Mobile as well as I should… literally just graduating to a Blackberry. Friend and Mobile Marketing guru, Adam Small, will be writing some posts soon for Martech Zone and I’m looking forward to it!

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