TapSense: A Complete Guide to Mobile Marketing for 2014

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With the explosion of affordable smartphones on the market and inexpensive data packages, I’m not sure another strategy has risen as quickly as mobile marketing. Unfortunately, it’s also a strategy that hasn’t been adopted as quickly as its growth and popularity. If your company hasn’t deployed a mobile marketing strategy, the good news is that best practices were still being established.

TapSense has put out a fantastic guide to mobile marketing. It’s a combination of their own efforts, as well as work from some influential authorities in the mobile marketing industry. Their goal was to create a collective guide of the newest, brightest, and most actionable ideas affecting the mobile ad space. If you’re looking at deploying a mobile application, the guide is especially helpful – walking you through the decision-making process all the way through to promotion.


Some of the new mobile technologies that are rising in popularity are real-time bidding (RTB), new mobile ad formats – including 5-second mobile video spots, and Facebook Exchange – which will be dominating the mobile ad space. In addition, the guide delves into topics such as:

  • Why Mobile Marketers Should Focus on Smartphone Apps
  • Tips to Maximize Marketing Across Free Channels
  • A Guide to the Mobile Marketing KPIs That Your Boss Cares About
  • Four Reasons Why Mobile Marketers Need Unbiased 3rd Party Marketing Measurement

TapSense is a mobile marketing platform that provides unbiased third party measurement across free and paid channels. Through a single dashboard, marketers can manage and optimize mobile campaigns across hundreds of publishers. Over 100 customers have succeeded with TapSense, including: Fab, Redfin, Trulia, Expedia, Viator, Amazon and eBay.

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