Mobile Marketing: Make it Personal

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Hipcricket’s 2014 online survey, Consumer Attitudes on Mobile Marketing, was conducted in April 2014 and targeted 1,202 adults in the US. The survey found that Marketers are already adopting mobile and consumers are responding. Two-thirds of respondents said they’d received a text message from a brand in the last 6 months and almost half of consumers found the text message useful.

However, marketers miss the mark when it comes to sending relevant, personalized messages, which frustrates consumers:

  • 52% said the message felt intrusive or spammy.
  • 46% said the message wasn’t relevant to their interests.
  • 33% said the message didn’t offer any value.
  • 41% said they would share more information with brands if incented with relevant offers or coupons.

There is tremendous room for growth for brands to establish a meaningful and lasting connection with their customers. This research indicates that consumers are actively engaging brands via mobile marketing, which is encouraging. But, brands must deliver relevant and personalized campaigns or they will miss out on a growing share of the market. Doug Stovall, Hipcricket COO


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