Mobile Sites, Apps, SMS & QR Codes – Luxury or Required?

Mobile Marketing Statistics

By 2015, the mobile Internet will overtake desktop usage and in the last year its use has doubled. More and more decision makers are utilizing the mobile web in order to access the information they need to make buying choices. Up to 50% of online opportunities may be missed by not having and deploying a mobile strategy for a company or brand. Over the next few years this percentage will continue to rise. The question is – Is your website optimized for the mobile web and is your inbound marketing taking advantage of mobile?

On October 27th, John McTigue (EVP) and Chad Pollitt (Dir. of Social Media & Search Marketing) of Kuno Creative presented “Mobile Inbound Marketing.” The presentation highlighted four main mobile marketing areas and considerations:

1.  Mobile Websites

  • B2B application
  • Mobile website design best practices
  • Challenges of websites on mobile
  • Intelligent mobile web design
  • Separate mobile site versus responsive web design
  • Best content for mobile websites

2.  Mobile Applications

  • B2B application
  • Pros & cons of apps
  • Mobile sites versus apps

3.  SMS/Text Messaging

  • Statistics & demographics
  • SMS campaign examples
  • SMS campaign walk-through

4.  QR Codes   

  • Statistics & demographics
  • QR code campaign examples
  • QR code campaign walk-through

Additionally, the presentation explored technology and tools which allow for the robust deployment of mobile marketing campaigns while discussing ways to seamlessly integrate mobile into current online and offline campaigns. Some of the tools discussed include Capture by 44Doors, MoFuse and HubSpot.

Mobile inbound marketing is no longer a luxury for marketers to consider. Based on the statistics, usage and trends it is a requirement for companies and brands who wish to reach and communicate to their target demographic. Those who choose not to are leaving themselves vulnerable to those competitors who choose to leverage the power of mobile inbound marketing. For more information, feel free to view the complete video of the mobile inbound marketing presentation.

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