Mobile Marketing Strategies Launching in 2009

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The Web 2.0 Summit predicted Search Marketing and Mobile Marketing were going to be big in 2009. I had coffee with friend, Adam Small, on Saturday and his Mobile Marketing company here in Indy has had significant growth – especially in the last quarter. Most of his growth has been due to the robust API and flexibility he’s built around his mobile marketing applications.

The popularity of both of these mediums is due to their relatively low cost, high impact, measurable impact, and ability of marketers to integrate and automate campaigns.

Mobile Marketing Includes:

  • Text Messaging and Alerts – because of their permission-based opt-in capabilities, I believe SMS-based mobile marketing is going to achieve the strongest growth. People are now utilizing their Mobile devices as a ‘filter’ for the onslaught of messaging they are receiving through other mediums.
  • Mobile Applications – with the iPhone, Blackberry Storm, and Google Android phones going mainstream, it’s a great opportunity to build applications or widgets that allow mobile users to interact with your company or your software via phone. It need not be a robust portable, application… keep in mind that an interface that runs well on a mobile browser can get you what you need!
  • Bluetooth MarketingBluetooth marketing is intrusive, proximity-based marketing. Basically, if a user has Bluetooth enabled and they walk within your location, an alert can be sent to the phone. It does require a handshake and opt-in, but since the consumer didn’t request the connection I’m not a fan.

I’m not including voice messaging in the ‘mobile marketing’ family, but it’s worth taking a look at some incredible technologies such as Vontoo. On the high-tech cusp are also services utilizing voice recognition like conference call service Hey Otto!

Thanks to Katie for posting the Mobile Trendspotting presentation and compelled me to write this post!


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    That bluetooth marketing strikes me as a little bit creepy actually. I tend to keep mine disabled, also because of the bluetooth trojans that unsavory individuals attempt to disseminate.

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