Mobile Payment Hacks for Business

mobile payment business

Does your business provide a mobile payment option? As payment services and mobile technologies become ubiquitous, the opportunity to turn a prospect into a customer through a mobile payment option should be on your radar!

Mobile payments are clearly the trending technology for businesses of all sizes. In 2012 there were $12.8 billion in mobile transactions in the U.S., by 2017 that number will be at $90 billion. That’s a 48% compound annual growth rate over five years! Yet only 66% of small businesses use any type of mobile technology, let alone mobile payment technology. Moblized

I find myself paying my mobile phone bill, insurance, getting rides and even paying my street parking via mobile applications and mobile payment options. On Saturday I attended a fundraiser where a silent auction totally happened with the use of text messaging and nothing else!

There’s still an instance in every transaction – between the decision to purchase and the actual purchase – where many prospects abandon. Mobile payments may be the bridge to rid yourself of those losses.


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