Being Connected via Mobile – “Just-In-Time” Life Scenarios

mobile search infographic

Kuno Creative has released an infographic created from the latest Pew Internet mobile research.

The new culture of immediate information through social media, apps and web browsing phones is allowing people to gain access to information more quickly than ever before, and the latest Pew Research sheds an immediate light on just that. It also represents a huge opportunity for inbound marketers.

The infographic highlights the present cultural and technological shift to constant connectivity and information gathering being the norm. It should also be a signal to marketers that mobile marketing is not an option anymore, but a necessity in order to reach those connected via phones. Whether it’s solving a problem, choosing a restaurant, or being social on Facebook, more and more people are relying on their phones.

Smartphone Behavior

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    The new social media marketing opens a new way of marketing in which we can easily spread our product information through the social media with a amazingly fast speed.

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