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Holiday Ecommerce: Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

This is a very interesting look at expenditures and conversions this holiday season from the the folks at Monetate. Althought it provides us with clear evidence of an increase in Mobile and Tablet usage for purchases from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it provides a bit more insight into the different behaviors of people utilizing tablets, mobile and desktops. In my opinion, it appears that folks with tablets are already pretty comfortable shopping from them but mobile users may be a bit more hesitant. Perhaps it’s because their intent is to do research and not actually purchase

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    “Add-to-cart” numbers only include online purchases. I suspect mobile users may buy just as often, but tend to buy in store. For example, I often use mobile to check store addresses/opening times. Is there any additional evidence for saying visitors on tablet devices are further along the conversion funnel?

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