Interactive Multi-Channel Marketing from the Podium

dorsey-email-response.pngOne of the more interesting demos held at ExactTarget Connections, yesterday, was the real-time interactive demonstration done by Scott Dorsey, CEO, during the opening speech.

Scott asked everyone to text the word research and their email address to 38767 to obtain Forrester’s 2009 Channel Preference Study and Customer Knowledge is Marketer Power.

In real-time, a text message response was sent back confirming the request and asking if you’d also like to receive a voice message from David Daniels, Vice President and Principal Analyst for Forrester Research. An email also arrived from Scott Dorsey with the information you requested (above).

If you replied with DAVID to the response message, your phone rang a few minutes later with the following voice message:

ExactTarget is looking to take this type of campaign a step further this year by actually bridging the phone call between the two parties so you can have an actual conversation.

This is an effective use of email, voice and mobile marketing in a single multi-channel campaign. Our mobile technology blogger, Adam Small, has done similar campaigns for his Real Estate clients and lifted their close rates significantly.

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