How Mobile Wallet Offers Drive Sales

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I carry my iPhone in an absolutely splendid, hand-made leather case from Pad and Quill which has room for my ID and some credit cards but not much else. As a result, I rely on mobile apps and my mobile wallet quite a bit. One app that I've fallen in love with is Key Ring, allowing me to dump all my club cards and put them into one place.

Soon after loading up Key Ring, I was driving home and up popped an alert on my phone that one of the stores I frequent had an offer. Absolutely brilliant… I pulled in, redeemed the coupon, and got a great deal. I wasn't looking for a deal nor was I even expecting to go shopping that night – but there it happened. Location awareness in an application paid off for the retailer!

SIM Partners has created an infographic that discusses the reasons why retailers/marketers should embrace the mobile wallet during the upcoming season. With the holidays right around the corner, it's more crucial now for marketers and retailers to understand the power of mobile shopping:

  • A whopping 56% of consumers say they would like to receive location-based offers on their phones.
  • Mobile wallet offers drive a 64% higher conversion rate over web coupons.
  • Mobile offers drive a 26% increase in average order value over static mobile web offers.

I honestly didn't ask nor was I even expecting the offers and I absolutely loved it! How much better timing can you give with a relevant offer than when the prospect is in close proximity to your store?

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Holiday Mobile Wallet Offers Sales

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