Mobile is Here. Your Site is NOT.

mobile sites

We ran our poll this last week and asked how many of your corporate sites were optimized for mobile viewing. Our Zoomerang poll results were an even 50/50 split… half of you have corporate sites that are ready for mobile viewing or almost there. That’s a sad statistic.

mobile sites

It’s a sad statistic because the mobile web is already here. Comscore just released data that 48% of America’s 112 million mobile phone users now regularly use their devices to access media content, other than voice or text and that it will exceed 50% by the end of the year.

Large sites are reporting a substantial portion of their traffic coming from mobile: The New York Times gets 7.6%, USA Today gets 10% and the LA Times gets 11.2%. Social media sites are seeing even greater growth,about 12.5%… and readers are staying 2.8 times longer!

We just posted a recent post that provided 10 ways to publish your site’s content on a mobile device. It doesn’t require that your content management system be mobile ready although that’s typically a better solution.

Our friends at Marketpath have recently promoted their mobile offerings, stating:

Creating a mobile version of your website provides your audience with a solution that meets their mobile needs, which are much different than the needs of tradition computer or desktop internet users. Mobile internet users require websites that are simple, fast, and easy to navigate, and that provide content that is relevant for the mobile user.

If you’re working with a software service provider that doesn’t have a means of viewing your content effectively on a mobile device, you’re already putting your traffic at a substantial risk. I’m surprised at how many systems there are out there that haven’t even begun to develop a mobile stylesheet, nevermind a mobile-optimized interface.

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