How to Add App Banners to Your Mobile Site

If you have a mobile application for your products or services, you know how expensive it can be to promote and distribute it for mass adoption. Did you know that, with a simple header snippet, that you can promote the application within a mobile browser? Apple App Store Smart App Banners for iOS Apple supports smart app banners and it’s a great tool to increase adoption of your mobile application. When a mobile user visits your

Mobile App Store Statistics

Mobile applications development and mobile app user behavior continues to change over the years. Mobile application frameworks are opening doors for companies to increase user engagement and experience beyond the web browser without breaking the bank. Mobile users are expecting a superior app experience and, when they do, they engage deeply with the brands who win their attention. The average mobile app user age 18 to 24 spends 121 hours a month using mobile and

Who Will Build Your Next Website?

I had a great conversation with a transitioning veteran today who was eager to dive into development. He was disappointed because he was applying for junior front-end developer jobs throughout the region but walked away feeling unqualified and defeated. I encouraged him that the issue wasn’t his qualifications, the issue was confusion within our industry. For the last two decades, I’ve sat on all sides of the online marketing wall – including consulting on and