MobileAppTracking: An SDK for Mobile Install Attribution

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MobileAppTracking offers an SDK (Android or iOS) to easily integrate the reporting on any ad network or publishing partner into your development framework. Once the SDK is integrated, you’re able to dynamically track events from any third-party partner. MobileAppTracking does not rely on the UDID as the attribution method – they support several attribution alternatives that are compliant with the app store policies.

Track mobile app installs and user engagement back to your mobile advertising campaigns.

MobileAppTracking can provide you with installation and conversion data in real-time, enabling you to optimize your marketing channels across your advertising relationships. Record sales, in app purchases, registrations, level completions, and other data for determining lifetime value (LTV) and user retention. You can even track across apps on the same mobile device!

How MobileAppTracking Works

  • Tracking Link – Generate a unique link for each marketing source.
  • Mobile Ad – the ad is clicked and the user is identified through device fingerprinting.
  • App Marketplace – the user installs your application.
  • Matching – the user opens the app and the SDK identifies the source via the fingerprint.

Mobile App Tracking is a non-biased tracking platform that provides real-time tracking and reporting for mobile app advertising. Track multiple ad networks, publishers, and affiliates by integrating a single SDK. Mobile App Tracking is your reconciliation platform for all mobile advertising campaigns.

You can track up to 50,000 attributions free every month to start and then pay $0.002 per attribution after that. Volume pricing is offered for large mobile distributions of over 2 million or more.

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    I wonder which specific Marketing Attribution SDK will need to be integrated into the game prior to Soft Launch. And please explain what game events the SDK will track.

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