Mobilenomics: If You’re Not Mobile, You’re Not Marketing

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We feel pretty good that we see technology trends coming and then inform you ahead of time. We've been speaking about the growth of mobile for well over a year now, but were amazed when we just did an optimization audit for a recent client and they had no mobile strategy… none. Their site wasn't mobile, their emails weren't optimized for mobile, and no mobile apps on the horizon… nada.

Sometimes it takes a video to get a good perspective on things and Erik Qualman does a great job at putting mobile adoption statistics into perspective. The fact is… if you're not mobile, you're not marketing.

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    Mobile marketing is here to stay, there is no doubt about that. Companies that fail to consider this will be in for a lot of trouble in their lead generation work. You have to make sure that your landing pages will be representative of your brand, no matter what device is used to access them.

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