The Road to Modern Marketing

road modern marketing

I love marketing and everything it represents. In my opinion, marketing is special because it brings together a number of talents and factors:

  • Human behavior – predicting the behavior of humans and understanding their wants and needs that drive that behavior.
  • Creativity – coming up with innovative ideas that are simple and beautiful, addressing people’s appreciation for aesthetics.
  • Analysis – analyzing reams of data to find opportunities for improvement and increased response.
  • Technology – applying technologies to measure, improve and automate marketing efforts.

We’re reaching a Golden Age of marketing where art and science are finding that perfect equilibrium. The ability to measure is met with the ability to analyze what the metrics mean. And the data is not only driving better decisions, but also freeing marketers to be more daring, to experiment, to explore the edges of well-known channels and venture into utterly new ones. From Eloqua’s Infographic, The Road to Modern Marketing

How did we get here?

Modern Marketer Infographic

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