How Are You Monitoring Social Media?

Whether or not you're actually going to participate, there are several reasons to monitor social media in every industry nowadays:

  • Monitoring your industry can help you and your employees acquire expertise.
  • Monitoring your competitors can help you to compile competitive intelligence and help you to differentiate your business or product.
  • Monitoring can help you identifying leaders and sites with authority and influence in your industry.
  • Monitoring can help you find relevant events to participate in (to attend or speak).
  • Of course, monitoring will help you find mentions of your business to evaluate sentiment, promote customer testimonials/mentions.
  • Monitoring will help you identify customer service issues to resolve in public – or provide you with the information you need to improve your products or service.
  • And monitoring will provide you with opportunities to add value in conversations.

DK New Media has launched its own Social Media Monitoring service for its clients as a value-add to our existing relationships. If you're interested in giving it a test-drive, please let me know. We're going to offer the service for $499 per year per company (up to 5 logins) who are not our customers.


I've had a problem finding winners for our $10,000 giveaway… seems folks are too busy reading emails to actually answer them! So – we're going to do things a bit different to giveaway our tools! Vontoo is a voice messaging service that will allow you to automatically record and send reminders, collection notices, to your customers. The first 2 folks who might find this service useful will win a professional voice marketing account!!! Reply to this email with Vontoo! in the headline and tell us how you'll use the application – we'll let the folks at Vontoo select the winners.

What do you think?

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