MonsterConnect: Pay Your Sales Team to Close, Not Dial

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Having worked at multiple SaaS companies with outbound sales teams, it became clearly evident that the growth of the company was largely dependent upon our ability for our sales representatives to close new business. It was absolutely no surprise, either, that there was an absolute correlation between a sales rep’s outbound call volume and their closed sales rate.

If that gives you a mental image of some sales rep talking to a prospect every 30 seconds and hanging up after they were turned down, that wasn’t the case at all. Most of the problem wasn’t dialing the phone, it was actually connecting with someone at the other end. Auto-dialing systems are only partially successful due to a few reasons:

  • Auto dialing technology can not navigate phone trees.
  • Auto dialing technology can not interact with gatekeepers.
  • Auto dialing technology can not differentiate between voicemails and phone prompts.

The other technology out there is outsourcing your scheduling to an outbound B2B lead generation company. This can be successful as well, but now is largely dependent on an external staff to gain interest with your prospect. It inherently requires two conversations and two conversions… one to get the appointment, then the other to close the sale.

MonsterConnect combines a web-based application with live agents that dial in parallel with your sales executives. As your defined contacts are reached, they are instantly connected to your sales rep in real time for a live conversation. The transition takes about two-tenths of a second and is undetectable to the human ear!

If your sales team is using Salesforce you can easily deploy data into MonsterConnect’s Salesforce integrated sales automation software. MonsterConnect provides a turnkey implementation that will integrate your professional or enterprise Salesforce app with MonsterConnect outbound calling automation software.

Increasing live conversations, NOT dials, increases B2B sales lead generation

MonsterConnect improves your performance management effectiveness, increases your sales team’s quota output, and effectively penetrates your key accounts. Your sales team can stay on task – selling – and you can be provided accurate metrics to measure their productivity. No longer will your sales rep have a bad day because they couldn’t get a hold of anyone… now they’ll get a hold of prospects all day and do what they’re great at… closing.


MonsterConnect is also a new sponsor on the Martech Zone!

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    Great stuff!! Nice mindset shift. smiling and dialing does no good if you can’t get the conversation on the other end. I’d say this is the single biggest frustration of most salespeople, voice mails and auto-menu systems that eat up time time time…

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