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50,000,000 Business Cards!

If you’ve not had the opportunity to check out Moo’s famous minicards, they are truly a treat! Casey from had a set printed up with her fantastic photos and they were incredible.

They’re made from good stock and really catch your eye. In fact, they’ve sold over 50 million business cards from Moo and delivered them to over 150 countries!

Moo is now adding some options:

  • Two-sided image uploading ? easily incorporate corporate branding, logos, and designs on both the front and back of the MiniCards, expanding the possibilities of what this product can be used for. For example, Perch, an online content management company, has printed a unique promotion code on each of its MiniCards, turning them into a dynamic, trackable marketing tool.
  • New layout options ? Additional templates, fonts, and colors give customers more options for the design of their cards, taking MOO’s personal customization to a new level.
  • Quantity discount ? With the new 400 pack, small businesses can buy in greater volume to meet their networking needs and receive a bulk discount.

I’m a firm believer that business cards shouldn’t simply be wasted on a cheap design that’s quickly tossed as soon as you get back to the office and enter the info in LinkedIn. Take advantage every time you pass on a card to your next prospect to make a unique impression. MOO Business Cards – $21.99 for 50 unique, customized Business Cards, each one with a different design.

The business cards I recently purchased have really made a big splash – I get comments every time that I distribute them. Most of all, though, I get responses!

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