Moonship: Increase Conversions With Group Buying In Your Shopify Store

Moonship Shopify Group Buying and Social Referrals

Moonship believes that the future of ecommerce is social, and they’re on a mission to enable businesses of all sizes to effortlessly grow through organic word-of-mouth. There’s no doubt that the best influencer you have for your product is the friend of a friend… and Moonship incorporates those capabilities easily with their brand native buying group buying options.

Moonship has 3 key features that drive social conversions on Shopify:

Pre-Purchase Tab

Boost sharing from your existing traffic with a group buying tab. With it’s small footprint and seamless integration into the existing pre-purchase journey, it drives shares and referrals without sacrificing your customer experience or brand.

moonship pre purchase tab

Post-Purchase Gifting

Offer your customers a discount to share with their friends immediately after purchase. You get all the benefits of a group order in this scenario, except that the customer is sharing out of the goodness of their heart rather than for a discount for themselves.

Moonship Post Purchase Gifting

Smart Group Offers

Identify, target, and convert more on-the-fence shoppers by offering them the opportunity to join an expiring group order. Boost conversion rates up to 40% with the one-two punch of a discount and social proof at the perfect moment.

Moonship Smart Group Offers

Customize our look and feel in minutes and your customers won’t know where your brand ends and Moonship begins.

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Disclosure: I’m an affiliate of Moonship and I’m using affiliate links in this article.