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With more people depending on social networks and blogs for news and updates, the focus is on engaging customers and potential customers through social media. However, for companies, such engagement or brand building initiatives remain an exercise in futility if they do not ultimately translate to added revenues.

Enter Moontoast, the first socially distributable commerce platform, allowing companies to engage with people through social media, distributed affiliate sites and ad networks, and monetize such engagement at the same time.

Moontoast has 3 Product Offerings (Descriptions are from their site):

  • Distributed Store – Moontoast’s Distributed Store is a storefront that can be embedded on any website and shared across social networks and through email. We built the Distributed Store to allow brands, musicians, publishers, and celebrities to extend their eCommerce reach by taking offers directly to their communities. The entire shopping and transaction experience is contained within the store, making the buying process immediate and simple.
  • Moontoast Impulse – Moontoast Impulse is a Facebook application that lets fans play, share, and purchase music right from a Facebook fan page. The app was inspired by Moontoast’s successful Distributed Store which artists like Taylor Swift and Reba have used to increase online sales. With Moontoast Impulse we’ve made the same great toolset accessible to all artists. It’s a smart, powerful, DIY social commerce solution.
  • Moontoast Analytics – Moontoast Analytics is a robust feature set – not available on any other social commerce platform – that gives you an edge in the market. From a bird’s eye view of overall trends and patterns to a detailed view of exactly which products and packages are selling best, this data provides important insights that will help you refine and optimize your product offers – making them more desirable, shareable, and profitable. Moontoast Analytics takes the guesswork out of defining which types of offers are most appealing to your audience.

Moontoast’s Distributed Store is a tool that allows brands to create and distribute online storefronts across social networks, blogs, ad networks and affiliate sites. But what makes this product stand out from the hundreds of other similar products in what is an overcrowded market? The answer lies in innovative storefront options.

Apart from the standard Social Store that can be embedded on to any website, a PopUp Store suited for landing pages and ad banners, translates what would otherwise be another popup ad, into a shopping card. An Ad Store likewise converts an ad unit into a shopping cart. Such options provide the best of experience for customers as these do not interrupt their browsing activity or intrude into their shopping routine.

The Moontoast Social Analytics Tool is the perfect accessory to complement such storefronts. With this tool, marketers gain valuable insights into customers’ behavior, to optimize offers and make it irresistible to the targeted customer. Similarly, the tool facilitates tracking engagement and transactions, to trace out patterns and trends, allowing the brand to be at the right time and place with the right offer. The tool helps to measure social interactions, advocacy and revenue together and helps the brand assess ROF or Returns from its Fans.

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