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Moosend: Email Marketing and Marketing Automation For Your Brand Or E-commerce Store

Moosend is an awarded Email Marketing and Automation platform that has re-defined email marketing features, pricing plans, and value for money with its consistency, dedication to excellence, and customer support performance. Within just 8 years, Moosend has managed to establish a worldwide presence with high-profile agencies and multinational companies such as Ted-X, and ING, to name but a few.

Moosend was the first platform in the industry to be ISO-certified and GDPR-compliant, thus proving its practices have been designed with user orientation in mind. What started as an email, gave its place to Email Marketing and Automations, and now artificial intelligence (AI).

When the first email was sent in 1971, history was made. Now, in 2019, email has transformed into a powerful marketing strategy employed by marketing experts and everyday users alike, yielding 400% ROI. That’s because email marketing technology has evolved tremendously, providing marketers with great solutions to a bunch of problems.

Basically, email marketing platforms have evolved to the point that they are not just newsletter tools but, instead, a medium of communication between marketers and their audiences.

Moosend Email Marketing and Automation

Moosend is an affordable email marketing software that can cover a wide range of a marketer’s needs and it is suitable for large companies with a lot of demands or smaller ones with a tight budget. Over the years, Moosend has had huge growth because of its empathy-focused model and exceptional support service which have created a layer of trust between them and its customers.

They’ve managed to detect the strong and weak points of their product and markets and made the right adjustments in order to offer a complete solution. This can be immediately confirmed on dedicated software review websites, like Capterra and G2Crowd, where Moosend is ranked among the top Marketing Software globally.

Moosend Solutions for Email Marketing

Moosend software is cloud-based and aims to provide marketers with deep and continuous contact with their audience. It’s a complete service with a simple and intuitive interface that makes navigation throughout the tool easy and natural.

What really makes Moosend stand out, is the volume and variety of automation features as well as the very competitive and flexible price plans. Moosend understands how important is for a marketer to be able to measure his efforts. That’s why the platform offers an A/B split testing feature and its own Analytics reports that can provide the users with useful and detailed insights into their campaigns.

Moosend Campaign Analytics

A user-friendly, drag-and-drop editor is also included which is a huge plus since you can create your newsletter in minutes without having to struggle with external editing software that can be very complicated. The included templates are a nice touch also.

Moosend Drag and Drop Email Editor

Finally, Moosend can be integrated with famous platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Zapier, something that adds even more versatility to the platform.

Best Practices for Email Marketing

The vast majority of companies that use Email Marketing for at least a part of their marketing efforts will find out that they have a big advantage over their competitors. However, it’s not to be said that Email Marketing is simple.

It’s proven that there are different techniques that work better and should be used by every marketer that wants to achieve the best possible for his company.

  • List Segmentation is what makes email marketing so successful. Consumers today don’t want to just get bombarded with irrelevant commercial messages. Not everyone wants to hear about everything and the best way to achieve that with a list of subscribers is by segmenting them in different lists.
  • Using Email Marketing for Lead Nurturing. This use of Email Marketing has been going on for years. The purpose of that practice is not to immediately convert a lead but to educate him and convert him later in the future.
  • Use of Marketing Automation can multiply the positive outcomes of a company without having to invest in extra time or human resources. This practice can be used for emails that have to trigger automatically after specific events like cart abandonments or welcome emails.
Moosend Automation

Moosend serves thousands of companies globally in a wide variety of industries as Email Marketing is an essential medium of marketing communications that can be utilized by every possible business that exists.

Moosend Clients

Moosend are everything they promise to be, and more! The communication is excellent, and both our Moosend account manager and technical support team have gone above and beyond to help us meet our goals, every single time we have needed them to. The product is also really intuitive and easy to use. I cannot recommend Moosend enough to any business looking for a new ESP.

Anthony Rigby from CareerBuilder

In the digital era software products thrive as they become more and more necessary to companies. To differentiate from their competitors, businesses now have to provide their customers with more than a good product. The most successful companies out there count on delivering value, knowledge, and expertise to their customer base.

Consumers have followed the natural path of development and they no more trust plain words. Instead, they are seeking values that extend from a product’s quality and pricing (not to say that these things don’t matter anymore).

Moosend knows that and that’s why they focus so much on contributing to their community with their always-available customer support, their extensive content library on the Marketing topic, and their helpful yet free tools like the Free Subject Line Tester. Moosend even offers a free-forever plan where you can use the platform for up to 1,000 subscribers!

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