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Our designer has been hard at work, recently producing an animated video for Right On Interactive. Aside from the complexity of the animation, rendering some of the videos takes hours utilizing standard desktop tools. Moovly (currently in beta) hopes to change that, providing a platform that allows anyone to easily create animated videos, banner ads, interactive presentations and other compelling content.

Moovly is a simple online tool that lets you create animated content without having to be a multimedia expert. Creating rich media content is now as simple as creating PowerPoint slides. Moovly is easy to use and makes everyone look like a multimedia pro.

Examples of usage from the Moovly site:

  • Animated Videos – Use Moovly to create a corporate video, a product presentation, an attractive tutorial or a how-to video in an easy and straightforward way. Add voice, sound and music and synchronize everything using the simple timeline interface. Publish your video on Youtube, Facebook, put it on your website or download it for offline use.
  • Presentations 3.0 – Forget about slides. Focus on your subject and add the visuals in a compelling sequence supported by attractive transitions and animations that hold the attention of your audience. Support your presentations in a totally new but simple way. Easily convert your presentation into a video and vice versa.
  • Display Ads – Attract attention with motion: create your own banner, skyscraper or other animated display ads for your own or other websites. Design beautifully animated promotions, announcements or other messages for any screen: television, narrowcasting, smartphone, tablet, … Duplicate one version to make as many variations you like, even in other dimensions.
  • Interactive Infographics – Support your story with graphic visualizations of information, trends, statistics or other data. Use charts, maps, illustrations and other colorful visuals to present your insights, research or reports. Make your infographic interactive: let your audience discover additional information using mouse-over or click-through actions, pop-ups and other interactivity.
  • Video Clips – Use Moovly to create your own music videos. Upload an mp3 music track, add images, music, animations or even video fragments. Synchronize your animation to the beat and export your creation to share it with your friends.
  • E-cards – Design your own animated e-cards or online invitations for any occasion. Surprise your friends and family with an original message or announcement. Combine photos, animation and text into compelling online invitation or wishes. Publish your creation on Facebook, Youtube or … on Moovly!

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