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Often times, marketers are so busy with getting more traffic that they don’t spend time improving the conversion percentages of the traffic they’ve already attained. This week, we were reviewing a multi-touch email program for a client of Right On Interactive. The client laid out some amazing campaigns but it suffered from low click-through rates and conversions.

We noticed each email had similar links in them used to drive the subscriber back to the site:

  • Read more…
  • Learn more….
  • Watch…
  • Register…

I’m not opposed to using textual links like this, but when they aren’t combined with teasers, benefits, features and a sense of urgency, they’re not going to get the clicks that you need. Imagine if these links were transformed into:

  • Read how our clients are achieving three-fold increases in productivity. Begin seeing productivity increases with your business now.
  • Learn how our platform easily integrates with your current applications.
  • In 2 minutes, this amazing video will explain why you need to sign up today to change your life.
  • Seats are running out, register for a demo today and get our ebook for free!

A benefit and a sense of urgency have a dramatic impact on your click-through rates. Don’t waste an opportunity in an email or an article to increase click through rates. People don’t want to learn more, read more, watch or register unless they know that there’s a benefit to doing so!

Note: Not to mention that internally linking those types of words is terrible optimization. Adding a link on more descriptive language optimizes your content better for search engines.


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