How to Get More Shares on Facebook


Companies who market via Facebook often don’t realize the damage that they do by not making each and every update a compelling one. There’s so much activity happening around each user that Facebook can’t possibly display every update. As a result, they often only display posts that are shared and/or discussed to a great extent.

Shares have more weight in the news feed. Basically, Facebook’s algorithms determine that the more people share a post and make it go viral, the more people want to see it. Makes sense. In this fun infographic, prepared for Mari Smith by the good folks over at ShortStack, you’ll find 14 different ways to help boost your Facebook visibility and inspire more shares!

This provides a challenge to companies, but often also provides an opportunity. With great graphics, a great copywriter, and great tools… the content you share on Facebook can travel swiftly if you prepare and distribute it well. Mari’s infographic nails all the aspects of content that’s shared on Facebook.

Facebook Sharing Infographic

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    We’re a very small office so we use Hootsuite to help us automate some of the weekly tasks (like posting on FB, G+ and pushing it to Twitter). As an East Coast company, we’re trying to find the optimal time for posting since we have a mix of professionals in both PST and EST time zones. We’ve settled on 11:15am, or 2:15pm figuring that it won’t catch anyone in lunch, or not int he office yet. Any advice for spanning the time gap without having to double our content?

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