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Mosh of the Sugar Plums

I’m taking a needed break tonight. I’ve been working for weeks straight and it’s catching up with me.

I don’t like not writing an update on my blog, there’s always something that I’ve learned each day that I enjoy sharing. I already wrote my thoughts on the YouTube sale, looks like that came true!

I must say it was dissappointing to see over half of my feeds having the sale message today. Is it really that important? Sure it’s a whole lot of money… but why the oohs and aahs?

Anyways, my son had some fun with Dance of the Sugar Plums and I wanted to share it with you! He, of course, did not write this… but he did make it his own, playing each layer and mixing it himself. Enjoy!


Visit Bill’s site to listen to his other ‘classics’!

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    Hi Sean!

    I wasn’t talking about your blog… it was probably 100 out of 160 of the feeds that I read had the Google News. Too bad someone couldn’t build a ‘deduplicator’ for News Readers based on English!

    I expect you to, with your links to Google. It was all the tech sites that posted it that were driving me nuts!