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What Are The 5 Most Common Types of Calls-To-Action?

Most Common Call-To-Actions

We’re always providing advice about CTAs on a continuing basis here because they’re so critical to success. You might be tempted to think that you don’t need them – that a prospect will take the next move because your content is so good. I wish it happened that way but, more often than not, people will leave. They may leave inspired and having learned a few things… but they still leave.

We’ve shared the basics of a Call to Action in this post, What is a CTA, and CTAs are an absolute must in any website deployment. But we haven’t discussed what the most commonly used calls-to-action are, why they work, and best practices in designing a great CTA… until now with this infographic from Breadnbeyond, 5 Most Used Call To Actions.

The 5 Most Used Call To Actions:

  1. On-Screen Call-To-Action – any CTA that you see on a computer or a phone is an on-screen CTA. It can be a link, or even just a phone number to click.
  2. Single Button – A simple and straightforward call-to-action with the button as a center of attention. Most of the time, this type of CTA has a strong tagline with a huge font and some brief copy below it.
  3. Freebies Opt-In – A text field to enter your email address in order to get something in return, like a newsletter, an ebook, a whitepaper, etc. It’s a great CTA for building an audience and some direct sales.
  4. Premium Trials – For platforms, this is an essential CTA. It enables a prospect to sign up immediately and test out a product without ever speaking to a salesperson.
  5. The No Bulls**t – A CTA for brands whose prospects want to work with them. It takes a very confident brand to put this out there, but it can create that fear of missing out, FOMO, that drives more conversions.

Here’s the infographic – take the time to test each one of these and see how you can leverage the CTA strategy to drive more conversions to your business online!

Most Common CTAs

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