The Most Expensive Paid Search Terms on Bing – And How to Avoid Them

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The old adage that A fool and his money are soon parted may be the most appreciated sayings by pay-per-click search platforms like Bing. I’ve never wasted more money on marketing than I did on set it and forget it paid search marketing where I neglected to do a little research and keep an eye on my marketing dollars. Here are the top 5… {insert joke about lawyers here}

  1. Lawyer – $109.21
  2. Attorney – $101.77
  3. Structured settlements – $78.39
  4. DUI – $69.56
  5. Mesothelioma – $68.95

I no longer touch paid search unless we’re using one of our paid search partners. Spending money on them is a great investment! They monitor, adjust and improve our results – driving cost per lead down and the number of relevant leads up.

Take a look at this infographic from WordStream with the most expensive search terms on Bing and you know that plenty of DIYs are hemorrhaging ad dollars. We had a client that was spending over $20k per month on PPC and our partners at EverEffect were able to get more leads, better leads while saving 75% of the budget!

WordStream recommends 5 ways to reduce the costs of PPC in expensive keyword verticals:

  1. Eliminate irrelevant search combinations using negative keywords.
  2. Add geographic bid modifiers to narrow your terms and reduce the cost per keyword.
  3. Use time of day modifiers to capture the right audience when they’re at work or home depending on the product or service you’re promoting.
  4. Use mobile bid modifiers to capture greater intent and get direct calls to your company.
  5. Optimize your landing page to improve your quality score and conversion rate to increase the number of conversions that are making it through to your landing page.

Most Expensive Bing Paid Search Terms

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