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Flowers Suck. What Mothers Really Want on Mother’s Day

There’s a 40% increase in searches for the best Mother’s Day gift ideas year over year. That’s right… and the searches aren’t for beautiful flowers. Mom’s tastes are changing and there’s a plethora of amazing experiences at the tips of your fingers that you can purchase and deliver to your Mother. Fruit baskets are just one of the items on the rise… 20%.

Flowers are out. Time and family are in. Consumer behavior has changed when it comes to Mother’s Day. According to Google data, these are the gifts mom really wants on her special day.

This provides an amazing opportunity for online retailers to customize and offer packages for products or services that will leave a lasting memory for Mom. What kind of products can you bundle together and offer? What kind of gift cards or packages can you deliver via the inbox for your customers? There’s a huge opportunity here since flowers are dropping in popularity. Everyone loves their Mom and wants to show it, you just need something unique for them to close the conversion.

Mother’s Day ranks third behind Christmas and Valentine’s day for last minute searches related to gifts!


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