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The Growth of Mother’s Day Spending

Did you know that Mother’s Day is the 3rd largest retail holiday of the year  Tweet This!? With 85.4 million Mothers in the United States, that equated to $21.5 billion in spending in 2015! And it’s not just for biological Moms. I know… as a single Dad, my kids often throw me a card or a call in appreciation. But it’s also a day where friends, Godmothers, Grandmothers, daughters, and wives get some love to. And why not? We all know it’s the most rewarding and difficult thing a woman can go through.

This infographic from The Shelf has some funny stats on it as well. Like 47% of Moms say that Dads should buy them a gift, but 94% of Dads disagree  Tweet This!. And where’s the money going?

Here’s a breakdown of spending on Mother’s Day gifts:

  1. 80% purchase Mother’s Day cards
  2. 67% buy Mom flowers – Mother’s Day is the top holiday for floral sales, beating Valentine’s Day  Tweet This!
  3. 54% take Mom out for a special outing
  4. 44% buy Mom gift cards
  5. 36% buy Mom clothing
  6. 34% buy Mom jewelry
  7. 21% buy Mom some personal services (spa, massage, nails, etc)
  8. 20% buy Mom books or other media
  9. 19% buy Mom housewares
  10. 14% buy Mom electronics

A third of consumers have moved online with Mother’s Day purchases, with an average $225.87 spend. That’s 38% more than offline Mother’s Day shoppers. And if you haven’t bought anything for Mom yet, don’t feel bad… about 30% of consumers wait until this week to make a purchase, 18% will go buy a last minute gift this weekend. Here’s the full Mother’s Day infographic from The Shelf.


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