4 Essential Strategies For Your Multi-Location Business Online

Multi-Location Business Marketing

It’s not a surprising statistic, but it it’s still quite staggering – over half of all in-store sales were influenced by digital last year in their latest infographic on marketing your multi-location business online.

MDG researched and identified four essential digital marketing tactics that every multi-location business should be deploying that incorporate search, platform, content, and device trends.

  1. Search: Optimize for “Open Now” and Location – Consumers are shifting from searching for future-based things like store hours to more immediate terms such as open now. In fact, searches including open now have tripled in the past two years Because of the advancement of location-sensing browsing, consumers are also not appending location information on their searches. That means that companies need to ensure their location information is up to date on their site, social profiles, and any directories.
  2. Platforms: Focus on Your Google My Business and Facebook Pages – Google and Facebook domainte both the web and mobile app space, so ensuring your businesses are accurately and completely represented on both platforms is essential to your digital marketing success. Elements include address, business hours, phone number, photos, articles, links, integrations, advertising, ratings, reviews, location information, and even built-in calls-to-action to engage with the business.
  3. Content: Experiment with Very Long and Very Short Pieces – Articles and videos may perform differently between ranking, sharing, and engagement, so test what drives the best combinations for your business. Vary length, even for the same piece, based on platform.
  4. Devices: Get Ready for a Voice-Based Digital Future – one of the major evolutions that hasn’t hit full-steam yet but which is rapidly becoming important is the use of voice interfaces to interact with digital platforms/devices. Amazon has already sold more than 10 million Alexa-powered Echo devices and it’s estimated that there will be 21.4 million smart speakers in the United States by 2020. Voice searches are longer, conversational, and typically in the form of a question, so ensuring you have content that meets those expectations is going to become more essential for businesses.

By simultaneously optimizing your search strategy for location/immediacy, investing effort into improving your Google My Business and Facebook pages, experimenting with different content lengths, and preparing for voice driven interactions, you’ll supercharge your marketing efforts. MDG Advertising

Here’s the full infographic from MDG Advertising, 4 Essential Digital Marketing Tactics for Multi-Location Businesses.

Multi-Location Business Marketing

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