Music and the Mobile Future

music mobile guide

We don't speak to much about the music industry here on the marketing technology blog but its, perhaps, one of the greatest examples of changing customer behavior. We moved from music media to music devices… and now we're moving from devices to streaming. I've pretty much abandoned iTunes altogether and now use Spotify for everything. Discovery happens through my social networks and via Spotify radio that combines like music tastes to feed me new tunes.

For musicians, it's no longer a goal to starve and play their hearts out for every crowd possible to garner the attention of recording industry executives. They still play their heart out, but now it's about getting in front of the fans through social media. Build an audience socially and the recording executives follow. As music goes mobile, it's important to develop a mobile presence and that's what MobBase has done – developing custom applications that help bands grow their own fan base while distributing music to their mobile device.

This infographic from MobBase provides some insight into the changing music landscape and a survival guide for artists to master it.
music mobile

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