My blog is better than 99.86% of all other blogs!

OscarI read a great post from a new blog-colleague today on Blog Burnout. It got me wondering where all this blogging stuff is getting me. Not that I am thinking of ending my blogging, no chance of that! I love it too much (and I mean too much!). Unfortunately, I may or may not be that good – depends how you look at it. So I can't quit my day job just yet (and I don't really want to do that, either).

Technorati ranks my blog at number 74,061. With that in mind, I suppose the question is how good is good enough? I'm highly doubtful that anyone in their right mind has looked at Technorati and wondered… I wonder who's in the top 75,000?

I have 67 links from 37 blogs. So, in a world with 52,900,000 blogs, 37 bloggers have found my information important enough to link to me! That's almost depressing!

On Influence and Automation is ranked 74,061 of 52,900,000 blogs!

On the other hand, I've only had about 200 posts on my blog. Seth Godin just hit 1,000 posts. Perhaps there's the chance that after 800 more posts that I can bring myself into Technorati's Top 100. (Sure… and I'll have published 5 books by then, too!)

This all may sound negative, but it's not. Let's put a different spin on it. In a world with 52,900,000 blogs, being ranked at 74,061 isn't too terribly bad! Heck, that's in the top 0.14% of all blogs.

So there you have it. My blog is better than 99.86% of all other blogs! 😛


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    Half the battle in blog rankings is the networking and finding your niche, and once you have those two things down, then things start to accelerate for you, especially at Technorati.

    Trying to crack the Technorati 50K club myself.

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    A good rank you got there doug, I’m in the 90,xxx range myself, not bad for a new blog if I do say so myself 🙂

    I measure a blogs success by the readers, and their comments. Nice readers like Yvonne, Rico and others make a blog a friendly place and give it a nice atmosphere. I blog because I want to, a technorai rank is just a nice extra.

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