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Jones SodaI was checking out last week and saw that they were using the Wimpy Flash-based MP3 Player. This is the same player that I had just built a custom skin for on my son’s website, So I dropped the great folks at Jones a line and asked if I could build them a skin. I did, and ‘voila’, they are now using the skin on their site.

They are even giving thought to opening the site to get other designs by other fans. I think that’s a fantastic idea.

This is where most companies lose site of the web. What does building a skin for an MP3 player on a Soda’s Music website have to do with selling soda? EVERYTHING!!! The web is your means of connecting with your audience through relevant messaging that talks to THEM. Too many companies continue to use the web like a cheap front yard Garage Sale sign.

What Jones did by first putting up the Music site was they extended their brand beyond me to my son, who loves music (and is listed at And beyond my son, to all of his friends. And so on, and so on, and so on. This is masterful branding by Jones Soda. And the content is being totally pushed by us, their faithful customers.

They built it. We came. We continue to buy!

PS: Sugar-free Root Beer is my favorite.


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