MyYappyDog: Social CRM for Real Estate Agents


There’s a new startup that’s gaining some traction in Indianapolis with Real Estate Agents, and it’s called My Yappy Dog. If you could combine a dead simple communication platform with a no-nonsense customer relationship management platform, you’ve got a Social CRM called My Yappy Dog.

3 out of 4 of real estate agency customers said they would do business again with their agent, but only 15% do! Dawn Schnaiter, Co-Founder of My Yappy Dog.

If agents just had an affordable and simple solution for maintaining contact with their customers, they would be available when those folks get relocated, grow into a larger home, or when their family or friends are looking to sell. All the agent has to do is touch base periodically… and My Yappy Dog let’s them do that.

The Social CRM platform features the ability to post to all of your social channels, a social inbox to receive images, the ability to send and measure bulk email campaigns, and a content manager. Collaboration can be accomplished with use of an assistant account (at no extra charge) with specific user permissions on what they can and can’t see. And best of all, reporting on your activity, sales and expenses are included!

The CRM capability is great, allowing you to indicate the most important clients and schedule tasks for communicating with them periodically.

As with most great startups, My Yappy Dog was founded someone who had a need – Dawn the Real Estate Agent – Riann Stroud – the product manager who put together the platform! I love startups that were built because users were frustrated that there wasn’t a solution available.

My Yappy Dog offers individual, team and enterprise pricing!

Note: The My Yappy Dog platform is really perfect for any contractor or service provider… with the interface already customizable.

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