Navigating the Wacky Rules of Facebook Contests and Sweepstakes

facebook rules for contests

Did you know that you can require entrants in your Facebook contest or sweepstake promotions to like your page, but you can’t require or even ask them to share your page? Hey, it’s their platform and their users, so they can make the rules however they’d like. If you want to get at their users, you have to navigate some promotion guidelines from Facebook – and the folks at Shortstack have put together this concise infographic that points to the do’s and don’ts of Facebook promotions.

Facebook promotions must be run on a Facebook Page… you know, that great tool that’s hidden from users unless you pay for its promotion? Doh! That’s right… don’t think you’re going to get away with just putting together and awesome promotion, be sure to have some cash ready to promote it and actually get it seen with some great targeting.

We have social media partners that get incredible results with promotions, so don’t rule them out. They’re an excellent acquisition tool and can drive a lot of business to your business, product or service. Just be sure to always capture the email address of your entrant and be prepared to do a lot of remarketing and email marketing to lead them down the path to conversion. The contest entry is just the beginning!

Oh… and check those guidelines before every contest or sweepstake, the rules are changing all the time! The folks at Socially Stacked keep up on these things since Facebook pages are their bred and butter!


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