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Yesterday, I met with a mentoring program that asked me to assist them in training their students in search engine optimization. The first question I asked was:

What do you think SEO is?

It’s an important question because the answer would direct whether or not I could be of assistance. Thankfully, they replied that they didn’t have the expertise to answer that question and would rely on my knowledge. My explanation of SEO is pretty simple nowadays.


  • Search engine optimization is not the collective opinion of search optimization groups.
  • Search engine optimization is not the reverse-engineering of domain authority to attempt to swing algorithms to rank better.
  • Search engine optimization is not manipulating or manufacturing content to trick the search engine into ranking it.
  • Search engine optimization is not ongoing campaigns begging other sites for back links.

All of these items are focused on the search engine… not the search user.

What SEO Is: Search User Optimization

Search engine optimization is an outdated term and really needs to be removed from the lexicon of digital marketing. Search engine algorithms are observing, capturing, and intelligently ordering results based on the search user‘s behavior. The algorithms are continuously being updated based on user behavior continuing to change.

That means that your strategies need to continue to change and be optimized over time as well. It’s why page speed and mobile responsiveness have been driving ranking in recent years… because users are on mobile devices much more and frustrated with a slow site!

If you’re going to do Search User Optimization, it’s all about the research you can collect on your target audience and your competition. SEO tools continue to improve and provide a ton of key research elements for you to identify the content that are driving interest so that you can build a much better strategy to develop, write, design, and promote content that will win over the search engine user.

Netpeak Checker: Research Tools for SEO

One tool that’s risen in popularity is Netpeak Checker, a research tool from Netpeak Software that provides insight on over 384 parameters associated with a domain or web page. It’s a desktop tool that assists advanced search engine optimization experts with the following features:

Netpeak Checker SEO Research Tools

  • Check 380+ parameters of numerous URLs
  • Scrape Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results
  • Research backlink profile and websites’ quality for link building
  • Compare URLs by parameters of well-known services: Ahrefs, Moz, Serpstat, Majestic, SEMrush, etc.
  • Evaluate your competitors
  • Review domain age, expiration date, and availability for the purchase
  • Analyze websites social media performance
  • Use list of proxies and captcha solving services while operating a big number of URLs
  • Save or export data to work with it whenever you want

The software is currently supported on Windows with MacOS and Linux versions coming soon.

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Disclosure: I’m using an affiliate link for Netpeak Software in this post.

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