Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder: New & Improved

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If any of you have ever used Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder, you’re probably not very impressed. It’s pretty much just a form that concatenates the Google Analytics Campaign variables to the campaign URL that you wish to track.

We decided to take it up a notch and build our own Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder on a new tools subdomain that we’re rolling out. We’ll have a lot more tools available here over the next year or so – let us know what kind of tools you’d like to see in addition to this one!

Build Your Campaign URL

The New & Improved Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder features:

  • Color Coded Fields – to let you know that your campaign URL is complete and without errors.
  • Autosuggest Fields – with the most popular sources and mediums that marketers use.
  • Field Descriptions – best practices and descriptions so that you’re more aware of the best naming conventions to apply.
  • Training – We included Google Analytic’s own campaign training video.
  • How to Report – A screenshot of Google Analytics and where you’ll find the campaign reporting as well as how to add the additional dimensions.

It’s not much, but it’s much more intuitive and complete than the tool that Google Analytics hasn’t updated in years. We hope you like it!

Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder:

Here’s a screenshot, just click-through to use it yourself:

Google Analytics Campaign Tracking URL Builder

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