The New New Thing Podcast: With Guest Douglas Karr

The New New Thing - Guest Douglas Karr

In Indianapolis, there's quite a movement in the marketing technology space with the growing number of investments of HighAlpha – which was born out of ExactTarget. We've shared about one of those companies, Quantifi, and interviewed CEO R.J. Talyor on our Martech Interview series. This week, podcast professional Liz Prugh of Pure Fandom fame and R.J. decided to interview me for their podcast, The New New Thing!

The mission of The New New Thing:

Our mission at The New New Thing is to uncover the science of marketing and pursue truth and transparency in marketing. The New New Thing stays ahead of the forefront of innovation, and provides digital marketing leaders with inspiration, how-to guidance, interviews and op-eds with industry leaders, curated digital marketing news, and data-driven insights.

Since I'm typically the interview-ER, I don't often get the opportunity to be the interview-EE so I wanted to share the episode here. The team put together some challenging questions that ranged from how I got where I am all the way to what I think about our rapidly evolving industry. You may be surprised at some of my answers regarding risk, creativity, and adoption.

Special thanks to Liz and R.J. for having me on the episode. I don't often get to share my own story! Be sure to subscribe and tune in, they have amazing interviews with an incredible range of guests.

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